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How does High Speed Fixed Wireless work?

Unlike traditional internet service, that bury cables in the ground, High Speed Fixed Wireless uses cutting edge technology to send a high powered signal through the air instead - to a small receiver at your location. This means you get faster, better and more reliable internet. As simple as that.

How does your network offer better reliability?

We offer the most reliable internet in Bermuda. With unmatched redundancy, less lag, low latency and superior technology, you'll have a smoother, better experience. What's more, we have a self-healing network - meaning if any one of our mesh points go down, the others instantly take over.

How long does the install take when I switch?

We promise to install a better system, faster than any of our competitors can. Once we know the scope of your installation, we can give an accurate estimate on time. With more modern equipment, fewer components and pride in what we do, we promise you'll be happy.

I don’t like my current ISP. How are you different?

Stats say 66% of people don't like their ISP. We fully understand. That's why we're relentlessly focussed on improving the customer experience - giving you personal support, great performance and simply a better service.

What happens in a hurricane?

Funny you should ask. Our mesh network is so super-awesome, that should a hurricane knock out part of it, the other parts instantly cover it. The entire network is also self-powered, meaning even when the other networks go down with power outages, we will still have power and will stay online.

What cost savings do you offer businesses?

We bring exceptional value to businesses by using cutting edge technology to offer many additional benefits, extra protection and dedicated support. On average we save our customers about 20% on existing plans.

What customer satisfaction do you guarantee?

We want you to be happy. If you aren't, we'll do anything we can to fix it. Really. Additionally, our money-back guarantee makes sure you don't risk a penny.

What do you mean by triple redundancy?

By using all three subsea off shore cables, Horizon has the best redundancy you can get. Meaning you won't miss a beat, even if something happens with one of the incoming connections to Bermuda.

What services do you offer?

We offer all the things you'd expect, and a few you wouldn't. We provide High Speed business Internet, Burstable Bandwidth, Wireless Redundancy as a Service, Hosted Telephony & SIP, VPLS, MPLS, and really awesome customer service.

What’s Burstable Bandwidth and why do I need it?

Burstable bandwidth means we instantly boost your capacity as and when you need it, delivering additional bandwidth on demand. Meaning whenever you require a bit more 'Oomph' you've got it, instantly. And that means you won't experience traffic delays and can maximise the efficiency of your operation.

Why is local tech support so important?

As a Bermudian owned company, we believe in investing in our island and our people. That's why we train local service representatives and local tech support, who understand Bermuda and can help you better than someone far, far away.

Why should I ditch DSL, Copper cable or Coaxial?

Fixed lines are more prone to problems, disruptions and downtime. In contrast, our network is built with the latest High Speed Wireless technology - meaning it beams through the air straight to you.

Will I be stuck in phone queues with you too?

We know the feeling of being number 27 in the phone queue. That's why we work extra hard to have the most efficient and friendly support available. We can't promise no queues, but we promise we work harder than the other guys.

What’s the meaning of life?

Tricky, that one. Monty Python put it like this - "Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations."