Greetings from the future

Welcome to
better internet.

Horizon brings you high-speed wireless internet, great prices and awesome customer service. So you can do what you do best - live your life.

The most advanced technology

Fast and reliable.

Because who likes waiting?

Switch to the most advanced internet network on the island, with high speed wireless service - offering speed, reliability and performance. Welcome to Horizon. Welcome to the future.


Happy staff give better service.

You deserve great service. Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. How do we make this happen? We start by hiring super nice people and then we train them well. As a Bermudian company we take pride in investing in Bermuda and Bermudians. Because, as the saying goes, a smile goes a long way.


We’re green.
Even though we’re orange.

Wireless is more eco-friendly. How? By sending high speed wireless internet through the air, we use far less equipment. We don't dig up the roads or need miles of cables. Our cutting edge technology helps reduce the footprint and keeps things simple. Which is good for you, as well as the planet.

Welcome to Horizon.

Welcome to the future.

1. More Reliable
2. Faster Speed
3. Latest Technology
4. Great Value
5. Fewer Disruptions
6. Hurricane Resistant
7. Eco-Friendly
8. Friendly Service